With a population of 1.4 billion and a booming economy, China is said to have the second largest pharmaceutical market globally. However, China has been and is still being viewed by many European and American biotech companies as a "second-wave" market. Historically speaking, many factors contributed to that status, such as long drug lag, challenges in obtaining reimbursement, difficult language, different business and cultural environment.

In 2015 China decided to revolutionize the landscape of the pharma and medical device industry and has since released hundreds of policies, initiatives, opinions and announcements. All these regulatory changes have in fact changed the equation, and many big pharma companies have already redefined their strategy in China and benefited from such changes.

On the occasion of this VISCHER business talk, we will brief you on the regulatory changes in China's Life Sciences sector and show you the different options for market entry into China. We hope you will enjoy the first-hand information on the fastest growing life sciences market.

Qu Wei, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager of Tigermed, will attend the meeting as a speaker and give a report entitled"Market Introductions into China, A Parctitioner's View". We are looking forward to your arrival.

If you are interested in this meeting, please click on the link to view:https://eveni.to/life-sciences-2019/programm