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    Site Management Organization (SMO)

    Tigermed has a professional Site Management Organization (SMO) which provides customized on-site management and clinical operation services for study sites. It is dedicated to providing professional services and real-time assistance to investigators and study sites of non-medical judgment work of clinical trials, in order to improve the study quality, accelerate the project process, and promote the standardization of clinical trials.

    Our SMO team has covered 57 cities across China with a dedicated team that consists of over 1000 professionals. Together, they have  provided their servicesto our clients in over 700 trials in more than 700 hospitals andhave set up international standard SOPs. With a background in nursing, medical, pharmacy, and other paramedical fields,this team is not only attuned to ICH-GCP and China GCP but also well-trained in SOPs


    Service scope

    Services for Sponsor/CRO

    Clinical research coordinator

    ?         Project feasibility study

    ?         Site information collection

    ?         Site fast start-up

    ?         Subject recruitment (Local site)

    ?         Subject management

    ?         Data management

    ?         Sample management

    ?         Study supply and file management

    ?         Internal audit

    ?         Sponsor audit, site self-inspection, and NMPAinspection coordination

    ?         Project management


    Subject recruitment

    ?         Phase I to Phase IV

    ?         Healthy subject andnon-healthy subject

    ?         Local site andexternal resource

    ?         Online andoffline


    Call center

    ?         TC Follow-up

    ?         Post-marketing safety monitoring

    ?         Online customer service

    ?         Coordination/dispatching center

    ?         Drugs pre-sales/after-sales consultation

    ?         Message delivery platform

    ?         Tele-survey

    ?         Services for Study Sites/Investigator


    Clinical trial management

    ?         Professional CRC allocation

    ?         Study file management

    ?         Subject recruitment and management

    ?         Study supply management

    ?         Data management

    ?         EC and GCP office communication

    ?         Safety information management


    Study site management

    ?         Study site SOP Establishment and updating

    ?         Study site information management platform set-up

    ?         Tutor of regulatory filing and approval

    ?         Training for Investigator and other site staff

    ?         Site self-inspection

    ?         Budget negotiation and management

    ?        Study site business development and promotion

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