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    Medical Imaging

    For clinical trials (Phase 1–4) utilizing medical imaging as a part of efficacy endpoints assessment, Tigermed offers specialized professional medical imaging services.

    Imaging Modality and Disease Indication

    ?         Modality includes CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, SPECT, X-ray, DSA, US/Echo, Endoscopy and digital photos etc.

    ?         Therapeutic Areas: Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease, CNS, Hematology, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Digestive Disease, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Medical Device, Contrast Agent, etc. 

    Scope of service

    ?         Imaging acquisition protocol design

    ?         Medical imaging requirement consultation   

    ?         Site imaging acquisition capability evaluation     

    ?         Off-Site/On-site training and support

    ?         Collecting and managing independent imaging QC  

    ?         Anonymization electronic system – LUX system for site’s imaging data transmission

    ?         Real-time image evaluation for patient enrollment eligibility

    ?         Consultation service for the efficacy evaluation criteria (e.g. modified RECIST)

    ?         Independent Radiology Review Charter development  

    ?         Designing and programming imaging EDC (IEES-Imaging Electronic Evaluation System) 

    ?         Managing and conducting independent imaging efficacy evaluation and analysis   

    ?         Imaging data management plans

    ?         Delivery of the imaging analysis results to client or pertinent trial approval agent

    ?         Complete trial supporting documentation and audit trail


    ?         Offering professional radiology guidance throughout the entire clinical trial

    ?         Process strictly adheres to FDA/NMPA guidance 

    ?         Standard oncology packages that significantly reduce developing time and cost

    ?         Multiple options of independent reads for clients to meet specific end-points needs of clinical trials

    ?         Validated review systems designed specifically for clinical trials

    ?         Auditable and reproducible reviewing results

    ?         Significant reduction of evaluation variability and keeping a complete database record and storage

    ?         Remote reading capability

    ?         Working with designated clinical CRO closely to ensure the reliable and accurate final trial results which incorporate all pertinent information.

    Independent Reading Criteria

    ?         RECIST (1.0, 1.1) and modified RECIST

    ?         Cheson / IWGC

    ?         RANO

    ?         WHO

    ?         SHARP

    ?         Tumor Volume or Area Calculation

    ?         Organ volume Measurement

    ?         Others

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