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    Multi-Regional Clinical Trial Service

    Tigermed has established global service network stations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, along with 11 other countries and regions. Utilizing our MRCT service helps broaden the scope of our clients’ clinical development and subsequentlydelivers the most value from their products with the optimal balance of quality, speed and efficiency. 



    USA: Tigermed’sR&D facilitysarelocated in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Chinaand the United States have GMP product development and clinical trial drug production, GCP clinical trials, GLP Bioanalysis and international Drug Administration Regulations registration services. One-stop service platform for the development of innovative drugs and generic drugs.


    Business scope:

    ?         Preclinical

    ?         DMPK

    ?         Bioanalytical

    ?         CMC

    ?         Biostatistics

    ?         Clinical

    Australia’sclinical advantage 

    ?           60% Cheaper than the US (Frost & Sullivan 2016)

    ?           No IND application required for clinical trials to start

    ?           Data recognized by NMPA, FDA, EMA, and PMDA

    ?           Fast-tracked Human Ethics approval where appropriate

    ?           Federal Government R&D incentive provided up to 45% covering trial expenditure


    Business scope:

    Global Multi-site Clinical Trials

    Australian subsidiary registration with ASIC and ATO


    Korea and Japan

    Dream CIS has established a solid strategy co-operation relationship, improving our  layout in the Asia-Pacific region and strengtheningour MRCT service capabilities.


    Service scope

    ?           Clinical trial (phase I -phase IV,IIT)

    ?           NIS&PMS

    ?           Data management

    ?           Statistics


    Switzerland: Our Swiss enterprise was Tigermed’s first step towards servicing the European life sciences industry, expandingour portfolio in this region, to provide additional options for our current  clients to conduct Multi-Regional Clinical Trials.



    Tigermed has abundant clinical research resources in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, and other Eastern European countries, and has rich clinical trial experience in Italy, Germany, France, and other Western European countries.


    India:  This subsidiary was established to take full advantage of India's cost-effective resources in data management, statistical programming and statistical analysis, and other related fields, to further enhance Tigermed's global service capability in these areas. Strict adherence to the regulations and guidelines of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is maintained, to be able to provide our clients with reliable high-quality results.


    Service scope:

    ?         Statistical analysis

    ?         Statistical programming

    ?         Medical writing

    ?         Data management


    Other regions

    To provide ample choice for our clients to conduct MRCTs we have additional affiliates in Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Taiwan,Hong Kong and other regions.

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