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    Our Culture

    Mission & Vision

    We aim to excel in clinical trials for the benefit of our clients and patients worldwide by providing our services withfundamental principleslike quality, innovation, integrity, and ethical conduct at the core of everything we do.
    We constantly support our clients in advancing human health by delivering science-based value and real outcomes. Our aim is to be recognized as the leading CRO that faces and overcomes challenges in clinical development by leveraging increasingly limited resources.

    Core Values

    Integrity – To be consistent and uncompromising in our moral and ethical principles in clinical development
    Professionalism – To respect authorities, clients, colleagues, and all those we collaborate with to deliver high-quality results that matter.
    Transparency – To provide our clients with any information required science-based decision making, honor our commitments, and take ownership of our work.
    Tolerance – To promote collaboration among cultures and sharing our knowledge and values withothers unconditionally.

    Core Business

    Tigermed’s core strengths lie in providing professional clinical trial, R&D services, and value-adding solutions to support our life sciences clients throughout the product lifecycle.

    Business Philosophy

    Valuing the contribution of each team member and creating a knowledge-sharing environment that stimulates the career development of the people we work with.
    Creatingreal-world value by being committed to quality and providing standardized, superior, and cost-effective clinical trialservices based on scientific facts.
    Providing solutions to the increasing challenges that enable our life sciences clients to innovate, seize opportunities, and pushing the limits of patients’ health.

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