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    Clinical Trial Characteristics of Infectious Diseases:

    In this competitive field, that is affected by medical insurance coverage and a low number of potential patients for initial treatment,high-quality clinical trials are a must.

    There is an abundanceofclinical trials in thisvery competitivefield, resulting in difficulty in finding patients
    Requirements for biological sample management are high, treatment and follow-up periods are long, and it is often difficult to manage extended follow-up duration. Lastly, due to the special nature of infectious diseases and public recognition, protection of privacy can lead to difficulties in securing the informed consent and follow-up.

    Advantages of Tigermed:

    A sound quality management and quality control system ensure that all our projects meet ICH-GCP and China GCPrequirements and that high-quality clinical study data can be obtained, that fully meets or exceeds the various needs of our international and domestic clients in clinical trials. To this day, we have years of experience in infectious disease clinical trials and we have worked with 90% of China’s clinical study centers.

    Although Tigermed has a wealth of experience in infectious disease clinical trials, we have a particularly strong focus on Hepatitis. Presently, Tigermed is responsiblefor completing China’s largest non-interventional Hepatitis clinical trial; the trial is promoted by Tiger Shield APP.

    Our clinical trial experience includes but is not limited to the following Infectious Disease indications:

    ?         Liver protection

    ?         Hepatitis C

    ?         Hepatitis B

    ?         Non-alcoholic fatty liver

    ?         Liver fibrosis

    ?         Severe liver disease

    Project Experience

    The infectious disease team is managed by 3 medical directors and 6 project managerswith an average working experience of 6 years.

    To facilitate disease management, Tigermed has one of the few internet platforms featuring liver disease management in Chinato assist doctors in their scientific research, patient follow-up, efficacy tracking, medical record analysis, and other related services, providing medical professionals with a wide range of detailed clinical data tools for clinical decision-making.

    Representative products include:

    ?           Shield–a hepatitis B mother and child block management app

    ?           Achronic hepatitis B follow-up data entry platform

    ?           Dr. Zhi Lan docture– chronic hepatitis B patients follow-up registration management platform

    Whether it is experts from the top tier hospitals or local community, these products meet their individual needs in personalized research and follow-up management. By combining the advantages of various information sources, we are currently implementing multidisciplinary team consultations to provide sophisticated high-quality medical services for patients affected by liver disease.

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